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Corvids of a Feather

February 7, 2013


Chicken, Esther Woolfson's Rook

Chicken, Esther Woolfson’s Rook

When my partner and I moved into our house in the dead of winter six years ago, we quickly became aware of two sad crows in our back yard.  The male’s vision was occluded with a film over one of his eyes, and he struggled to navigate and feed himself.  His mate had a deep cut across her throat, most likely from eating out of a sharp-edged can.   We concluded that these pathetic birds were old and in their final season of life.  With pity, we fed them cat food and peanuts, expecting each supper to be their last.

By spring, they looked better.  As the male’s eye improved and he started to caw with more energy, we named him Roarke.  The female’s neck healed, and with better nutrition, she transformed into the sleek beauty we call Giselle.  They thrived during the summer, and by the time we celebrated our first anniversary in the house, our resident crows were healthy and content.  The next spring, they produced offspring, as they have every year since. Roarke and Giselle are part of our extended family, and I can say they have taught me more about birds than any class I’ve ever taken.

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