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Wildlife Collages

Robin and Berries

Robin & Berries Wildlife Collage

When I was a child, just able to walk, I loved being outdoors. One morning while I was playing in the backyard, a robin landed on my head. It must have been a fledgling, and I was the tallest perch on our treeless lawn, a convenient resting spot for a youngster with new wings. My mother, frozen in her terror of birds, watched from the kitchen window. When the bird finally flew off, she came to me, trembling and in tears. I am sure she thought the bird had come to take away her first born.

She was right. That day, the robin escorted me into the wide world of nature and imagination. I’ve never looked back.

After years of working with fabric, I started experimenting with paper collage. The suited me, and proved perfect for book illustration. Growing Wild, Inviting Wildlife into Your Yard was published by Beyond Words, and listed by the Smithsonian Magazine as one of the all-time best environmental books for children. Wild Wild West, released by Sasquatch Books, won an honorable mention from the National Science Teachers Association.

Constance Pereyni Collage Artist

Growing Wild | written & illustrated by Constance Perenyi

My work has evolved greatly in the last decade.  I am pleased to offer a sampling of recent images, many of which now enliven the habitats of collectors near and far. To see more, visit my Collage Portfolio.

I currently show my collage art at the Gallery at Town Center in Lake Forest Park.  I welcome commission work.  For more information on commissioning a personalized collage, visit the Order page.

Constance Pereyni Collage Artist

Wild Wild West | written & illustrated by Constance Perenyi

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