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Quilts for Special Companions

Constance Perenyi Collage and Quilt Artist

Ellie Marie Inspects Her New Quilt

The process of making a quilt is much the same for me as creating a portrait.  I ask similar questions about the personality of the intended recipient.  I explore color options with the person commissioning the quilt, both to suit the home, and the cat or dog.  Feline eyes are not designed to perceive color, however I believe cats gravitate to something about specific tones and patterns.  And whether or not a quilt can have soothing, healing effects is up to interpretation.  All animal lovers know that their companions enjoy being comfortable, and quilts have traditionally offered comfort.

Dogs also appreciate comfort, and I am happy to make special quilts for canine friends as well.

Constance Pereyni Collage Artist

Ailbe sleeps on this every night in his bed….he has multiple (identical) beds but I swear he considers the one with his quilt his favorite. It may not be quite as bright as it was over ten years ago when Constance made it for him, and he may have ripped it a bit in one spot, but it is still being used and cuddled in every night.
Lisa Van Horn, Nordland, WA

All quilts are made of beautiful 100% cotton, and are backed with flannel for extra coziness.  They are machine washable and dryable for many years of use.  To see more, visit my Quilt Portfolio. For information about commissioning a quilt, visit the Order page.

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