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Older Students

The following classes are geared towards older students, adults, and seniors.

Introduction to Collage
This is an opportunity to explore the Japanese practice of Chigirie, or painting with layers of paper.  Backing boards and a selection of papers will be provided.  No previous artistic experience necessary, but a sense of adventure encouraged.

Illustrated Memoirs
The richest artistic resource we have is the story of our lives.  Using words, photos and other images, and an array of beautiful papers, you will create a book to preserve and celebrate your memories.  Accordion books provided; students supply photos, quotes, memorabilia.  No artistic experience necessary.

Nature Journals
Chronicle the changing seasons with paper collage.  Make a bound journal and fill it with illustrations, observations, and favorite quotes.   No experience necessary.  Access to the outdoors is helpful, but not required.

Fees for classes and workshops depend on the length and number of sessions, number of students involved, and material costs per student.   For more information, contact me at constance at pieceablekingdom dot com.

Constance Perenyi is an inspiring, enthusiastic and gifted teacher.  It has been my good fortune to have taken a number of collage and bookmaking classes from her during the past 10 years.  As an older person, I have appreciated Constance’s understanding that many of us bring a lot of ‘negative baggage’ to art classes.  Her ability to stimulate our imaginations by presenting a number of techniques as well as the appropriate supplies enables us to leave the “I am not an artist attitudes” behind.  And I must not forget to say that seeing Constance’s own work: collage, books, textiles has always been a reminder of how lucky we are to work with such an amazingly talented and creative woman.
Ellen Carlin, Seattle, WA

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