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Constance Pereyni Collage Artist

Our Gallery patrons are drawn to Ms. Perenyi’s work because of its depth and heart. The delicate nature of her paper collage captures the essence of the animal she is portraying with care and compassion. Because of her work with wild animals there is a connection to her subjects that many other artists do not have. Her technical skill with her medium is unsurpassed. We have seen our patrons return specifically to look at one of her pieces several times during a show finding something new every time they come back. We have also seen many fall completely in love with one of her pieces and buy it immediately.
Shannon Tipple-Leen, Director, The Gallery at Town Center

I love paper, especially the gorgeous handmade sheets I order from a small shop in Tokyo.  Somehow, I taught myself to cut and tear little bits of paper, to layer them into intricately pieced collages.  Years after I began to have success with this practice, I learned there is a name that comes close to describing what I do: Chigirie, a traditional Japanese form of “painting” with paper.

I really have no idea how someone who made it through art school splashing color on canvas arrived at such a painterly, and yes, careful expression.  It must have been sheer will.  Even in my childhood drawings, I wanted to capture the details I admire in nature – fur and feathers, tiny leaves, mottled rocks.  Somewhere along the way, paper became my spirit in the material world.

Find more about my types of collages by visiting the following pages:

To see examples of my work, visit the Collage Portfolio page.

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