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Quilts for People

Constance Pereyni Collage and Quilt Artist

We were surprised with a Constance Perenyi quilt along with five other handmade blankets received as gifts for our newborn son and, four years later, it’s the only one we haven’t passed along and have no plans to. A beautiful piece of art, I was a bit nervous about using it. I loved the jeweled tones, complimentary fabrics and the modest size. It was so pretty and I wanted it to stay that way- maybe even to hang on the wall of the nursery. I mentioned my reluctance in a thank you note to Ms. Perenyi who promptly responded assuring me the quilt would hold up to actual use. And it was a good thing as my son gravitated to it early on and we ended up using it for everything- floor play, nap time, front yard picnics. To this day, we use the quilt at least three times a week. Which means it’s been run through the washing machine hundreds of times already! I just checked the quilt to confirm- there are still no loose stitches, stray threads, stains or anything. Amazingly, it’s held up and is in excellent condition. I’m still hoping to one day ‘retire’ it to prettify my wall, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I may need to acquire another!
Heidi Andress, Seattle, WA

I am occasionally asked if I make quilts for people as well.  The answer is yes, although no larger than lap-sized.  It is always fun for me to piece something special for babies, and to watch the quilts move from cribs to the floor for tummy time, and then be toted around as little ones begin to walk.

All quilts are made of beautiful 100% cotton, and are backed with flannel for extra coziness.  They are machine washable and dryable for many years of use.

To see my quilt creations, visit the Quilt Portfolio page.

For information about commissioning a quilt, please visit the Order page.

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