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Constance Pereyni Collage Artist

2011 Shoreline Arts Festival Poster Collage Art


With a background in fiber arts, Constance Perenyi is a quiltmaker and paper collage artist who finds inspiration in nature.  Her career itself is a bit of a crazy quilt.  Constance has designed wearable art, written and illustrated books for young readers, and taught paper collage, nature journaling and botanical illustration to students of all ages.  She has also worked with animals, supported environmental issues and registered young voters.  Stitching all these pieces together is her abiding commitment to an artful life, and to creative expression through the exploration of relationship and community. She lives in Shoreline, Washington, with her human partner, a bevy of cats in the house, and a crow family in the garden.



I am an artist and writer, fortunate to have found creative ways to integrate my passion and skills.  Throughout my life, a deep connection with animals has led me to me to work at a zoo, oil spill clean-ups, a wildlife rehabilitation clinic and companion animal shelter, and always back to my studio.   My medium is fiber, either the fabric with which I make quilts, or the fine papers I layer into collage. My work is an expression of gratitude for a rich life, and for the companions of all species who fill my heart and imagination.

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