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Elementary Students

The following classes are geared toward elementary school students and are offered to schools in Washington and Oregon.

Neighborhood Wildlife Sanctuary
Combining an appreciation of nature with a practical approach to helping wildlife, this program brings to life the concept of habitat.  With paper collage as the main medium, students design a sanctuary focusing on the plants and animals in their own neighborhoods.  The collage habitats will include sources of food, shelter, and water, and students will explore the necessity of these for all living beings. Projects can be individual, or can be created in groups.

A Year in the Life of . . . Illustrated Animal Journal
Using words, printed images, and paper collage, students create a journal documenting the life of an animal through 4 seasons.  Depending on interest and/or relevant curriculum, they can choose either a domestic animal (farm or household companion), or a wild animal.  This project will involve research and imagination, and will result in a finished book in accordion or bound style.

Animal Trading Cards
Every animal is a star in its own way.  Students will create two-sided illustrated trading cards (4” or 5” square depending on grade level) with basic information about the animal (domestic or wild) on one side, and a highlight of how the animal makes its living on the other side. At least 5 cards will be created, each one an exploration of a different class of animal (mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fish).  This project involves independent and group research, and will enhance discernment, editing, and design skills.  On the last day, students share their cards with the class, and may trade with others if they choose.

Illustrated Nature Journals
Combining both written and artistic expression, Constance teaches children how to keep nature journals and demonstrates how to illustrate them with a variety of media, including cut and torn paper. This program ideally involves some outdoor time for observation.

Walk on the Wildside Habitats
Students have the opportunity to create papercut depictions of a variety of habitats. Teachers and students choose a habitat in advance (these can be North American, Tropical Rainforest, Coral Reef, or can compliment curriculum ), then Constance leads the groups in brainstorming sessions to determine appropriate plants and animals before they create them in paper.

Fees for classes and workshops depend on the length and number of sessions, number of students involved, and material costs per student.   For more information, contact me at constance at pieceablekingdom dot com.

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